DeeDee Jonrowe

What was DeeDee up to in 2011?

Replelling off a 14 story building to
raise money for Alaska YMCA

Guset speaker for the Livestrong
2011 Alaska Live Summit

Delanie and I at the Colony
HS football game

Taco Bell, DeeDee & Ophelia help support the Providence Cancer Center!

Taco Bell Providence
All the Alaska Taco Bell stores participted in the 5th annual DeeDee Jonrowe fundraiser to support the Providence Cancer Center.

This year, the campaign featured "Ophelia", one of DeeDee’s sled dogs. Special "Ophelia" cards were for sale at Taco Bell stores for $1.00 or more and proceeds benefited the Providence Cancer Center.

DeeDee was honored to be at the check presentation at the start of the All Star baseball game in Anchorage, Alaska this weekend. There was plenty of cheering from the stands during the presentation, with a check from Taco Bell to Providence Cancer Center for $50,000.

Great team work!

Thank you everyone who helped with my fundraiser I am officially signed up for the

2012 Iditarod

Me, Iva and Tahaila Baker at Kotzebue airport on way to Point Lay

Our 2013 Iditarod team in training....


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The 2011 DeeDee Jonrowe Cachets are off the trail & available for purchase

2011 Iditarod Cachet
Each year the Jonrowe Kennel creates a cachet to carry along the Iditarod trail. This year DeeDee carried 50, signed, limited edition cachets along the Iditarod trail. They have been designed by Alaskan artist Jona Van Zyle. The theme this year is "Go with all your heart".

They are stamped with the Breast Cancer stamp, a 42 cent stamp & a 2 cent stamp. They will be cancelled by the US Postal Service in Anchorage, Allaska and Nome, Alaska.
A letter of adventure & strength written by DeeDee is inserted in each envelope.

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The DeeDee & Ophelia Iditarod - Providence Cancer Center

The DeeDee & Ophelia Iditarod - Providence Cancer Center support program that was held in the month of March - Taco Bell's customers generously participated in, has resulted in $50,000 for the center. This is another record donation and it has been done once again one dollar at a time. I am so impressed at the heart of our generous Alaskans. In the last few years this promotion has resulted in over $300,000 for the cancer center which did not even exist when I was being treated for cancer. My mom has been able to take advantage of their state of art physical thearpy program. Thank you to all my fans that have helped make such a big difference in our community. Lots of littles have made a huge difference. You are rock stars!!!!

Outstanding Service to Seniors & Good Dr Report

(Posted May 5,2011) - Today Mayor Sullivan gave Mom the Ron Hammett Award For Outstanding Service to Seniors and their Families on behalf of the City of Anchorage.

In 2005 the Municipality of Anchorage Senior Citizens Advisory Commission
established the Rom Hammett Award to recognize individuals whose outstanding
and dedicated service and leadership has had a significant impact on the quality of
life for seniors in the Municipality of Anchorage. Each year the Commission seeks
nominations for the Rom Hammett Award which is presented in May at the annual
Older American Month celebration.

Ron Hammett was an extraordinary man who exemplified the spirit of outstanding
service for seniors and their families and who worked tirelessly as an advocate for
seniors in Anchorage. At the time of his death on October 24, 2004 Mr. Hammett
was a Commissioner for SCAC and served with quiet wisdom, well chosen words
and a clear focus on human needs.

Mr. Hammett was a World War II veteran and served in the occupation of Japan.
When he spoke of his time in Japan he spoke with a deep empathy for the Japanese people when others were less sympathetic to their plight. This was symbolic of how he lived his whole life and the dedication he demonstrated in serving others. Ron spent his professional career in Oregon and Alaska primarily in the field of vocational rehabilitation and health services. He served as a member on boards and
commissions that represented the needs and concerns of vocational rehabilitation, corrections, mental health, developmental disabilities, children, homelessness, public health and seniors. After his arrival in Alaska in 1976 he quickly became involved
with Bean’s Café, the Boys and Girls Club and a variety of boards and commissions
that addressed human needs.

Prior to his death he was very active with senior issues and served as the Board Chair for the Anchorage Senior Center. He was instrumental in raising funds and expansion of the center. He worked closely with AARP and started and coordinated the AARP Volunteer Information Center at Northway Mall. At the time of his death he was an active member on the Senior Citizen’s Advisory Commission. The Ron Hammett Award recognizes the contribution of Ron and others like him
who work tirelessly to improve the lives of seniors in our city.

AND....Yesterday she got her first clean report from Dr. Spencer much to her amazment. They still need to follow her closely but it looks good and SHE look good. I am so appreciative of all the support and prayers everyone has given us this past year. I know that is why we are able to celebrate this Mother's Day with her this year. The drs. were not very encouraging this time last year. Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

2011 Iditarod Wrap up

Iditarod 2011 Final Position: 12
Time In: Wed, March 16, 2011 01:24:17
Dogs In: 10 Finishing Time:
9 Days 10 Hours 24 Minutes 17 Seconds

I can hardly believe that I have just finished my 29th Iditarod race and it is spring 2011 already. This year’s race was really exciting. We had a lot of snow all the way across Alaska with more in the Dalzel Gorge than I have ever seen before. I started my race with great expectations. The training season had gone well and all of the dogs had nearly 2,800 miles of training before they started this year’s race. I had only one female, "Birdie", Until this year she had never been sent home in any race she had competed in. With the beautiful trail, and fast pace our team was running from the start. "Birdie" was feeling the pressure and I decided to send her home from Skwentna. It has always been my rule that my team runs happily. If a dog is feeling too much pressure for any reason I send them home. "Birdie" was the oldest dog in the team at 8 yrs old and I think the young dogs were picking a pace that was uncomfortable for her.

My plan had been to run from Skwetna take a good rest then on to Rainy Pass. Unfortunately I took a wrong turn behind the Winter Lake Lodge and spent an hour twisted around on a training trail and decided that I did not want to overextend the actual run time. I took an unplanned rest at the Finger Lake checkpoint giving the team another meal and water break. Put fresh booties on and off we went. I had planned to navigate the Happy River steps early so they would be in the best shape but with the extra break this obstacle was indeed an issue. Fortunately nobody, dog, or equipment was hurt when I crashed near the bottom.

The young dogs continued to set an awesome pace and once again I decided to send my older dog’s home. "Gengar" and "Evan" went home next, both of them finishers in the past. I was nervous heading out from the Rohn river checkpoint with new leaders but "Dragon" and "Sparky" were dialed in wonderfully.

My mantra this race was “Pay Attention”. When I would get tired or physically I could feel the strain I would just keep telling myself ‘”pay attention, pay attention” verbally reminding myself to watch the details. I switched to my trailer sled in Nikolai since the trail was a little less technical, hoping that I could get off my feet once in awhile. The team cruised to our 24-hr layover which I took at Takotna. Because I had left Willow first my actual layover time was 26 hrs.

I intended to quickly check thru Ophir and as I was packing my sled Dick Foresgren’s son asked me if I might take some of his ashes with me to Nome. Dick and his wonderful wife Audra have hosted us at their cabin in Ophir since my first year in 1980 and I was honored. Off we went with Dick in my pocket, running towards the Yukon River." Smokey" ended up riding the last 30 mi into the Iditarod checkpoint although he was not happy about it. He wanted to be running along with his friends and it was a challenge convincing him to let them give him a ride. After a good rest at Iditarod we cruised on to the Yukon with the trail a lot better than we expected. For the first time in years I took my 8 hr rest at Anvik and enjoyed their hospitality. Everyone was so nice I was glad I had a chance to appreciate the kindness of this village. My run up the Yukon went well and I was pleased to reach Kaltag without experiencing strong headwinds that we often have in this part of the trail.

We were ahead of my normal schedule because of the good trail and good weather, and I was so excited as I headed across the portage from the Yukon to the coast. Unalakleet was awesome, I have so many wonderful friends and Mitty Johnson, the mayor, was gleefully cooking sourdough pancakes for everyone that came through. Everyone along the coast was getting incredibly excited the closer the race was getting to Nome. It was becoming clear that my very good friend and one of their own, John Baker, had a very good chance to win. He became the first Eskimo champion setting a new speed record and doing it with such style. I could not be happier.

I realized as I left Unalakleet that only "Ominstar", "Peekachoo", and "Rudy" had seen the coast before. I began explaining to the rest of team why the horizon’s were so big and some of the other unique features of the coast. "Dragon" was still running lead with several different partners but "Sparky" was a little unsure and was now running in the swing position. At our last 8 hr layover, my main food supply disappeared from the checkpoint before I could use it putting my dogs at a very unfortunate disadvantage. I was sad because I knew this would cost us positions as we raced the last 75 mi to Nome. I did the best I could to encourage my team thru this handicap but in fact it did cost us. I use food as one of my main rewards and by this time in the race the dogs are scheduled to eat every few hrs. I was so frustrated but with God’s grace I was able to encourage my young team into Nome in the 12th position. We were passed twice that night, I told my dogs that were fine they were giving me their personal best and I was very very proud of them.

I think the 2011 race was really a wonderful experience. I am so very happy with my team, "Dragon" and "Sparky" proved themselves as main leaders. "Peekachoo" preformed way beyond anything he had every done up to this point in his career, in the ground storm through the “blow hole” near Solomon. "Trig", "Track", and "Jarvi" finished strong in their very first Iditarod race. I was truly blessed with 10 wonderful dogs that proudly passed under the arches. I enjoyed sharing the trail with such brave and talented competitors and then to have one of western Alaska’s own win was the icing on the cake. I loved seeing the cultural pride displayed along the trail. The Iditarod Race is truly a uniting event as all of us celebrate our love of dogs and adventurous spirit.

To all the school kids, thank you for studying and supporting our race. I challenge you to apply yourself to your studies as we have to our race. I believe this effort will give you great success in your life.


Iditarod shirts
New Arrivals

" Wherever you go....go with all your heart" DeeDee Jonrowe t-shirts by Jon Van Zyle.
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